Following the problems encountered in Kenya after the elections, a fourth distribution of food, livestock and provisions took place as it was not possible for the villagers to be able to obtain foodstuffs as the local town had been ransacked. We had to bring in food from over 30 miles away.

All this was made possible because of the amazing response to our fund-raising in aid of these orphans and their grannies.

All the members of the community sent their extreme gratitude to everyone who contributed to make this a memorable day for the whole community.

To see the photographs of this life-changing event, click on the following links:

Orphans receiving blankets

Orphans are assisted

Grannies and widows

Arrival of more cows

Granny Uniter's house

Arrival of the goats

Arrival of the chickens

UBUNTU - I am what I am because of who you, and we, all are  (Caux 2006)