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Direct Link helps to bring together the peoples of Kenya and the rest of the world.


Established in 1988, we find sponsors for very needy children, many of whom are HIV/AIDS orphans, (and many of these are disabled), who would otherwise be unlikely to be able to attend school. Each child is followed throughout his/her school life, and if good enough KCSE exam results are achieved, the children can continue their education at college or university. We also help deaf children to receive an education that they normally would not be able to receive. Physically disabled children are supplied with wheelchairs and crutches as well as being offered physiotherapy for those who have problems with their limbs.

Sponsors can go to see 'their' children in their own setting, and visitors are also welcome to help in the local primary schools and join in school activities such as  teaching, sports and art.

Over the past fifteen years we have bought local and crossbreed cows, goats and chickens, for families in a very rural Kenyan village, so that the children could drink milk and not spend the day on an empty stomach. One of the villagers had to walk ten miles with the cows as there was no transport between the market and the village. The photo on the left shows a crossbreed cow being donated to a granny, with one of her grandchildren looking on.

We have also bought two donkeys, one being for Granny Maria, who makes pots out of the soil in her shamba, but who was unable to carry the pots to sell in the local market. Using her donkey, she was able to transport the pots and, thus, become more self-sufficient.








We have provided Day Care and primary school children with hot nourishing lunches during term time, in the Kids' Kitchen (KK), so that  the children can work harder on a full stomach. The addition of the Day Care project has been a huge success. The Kids' Kitchen also helps the grannies who cannot afford to feed their grandchildren with any nourishing food. The grannies and widows prepare the food themselves. 

We have also set up a Boarders' Kitchen (BK), similar to the KK, which enables boarders in a primary school for the disabled to be supplied with a nourishing meal in the evening, before going to bed. The boarders are mainly disabled orphans who are unable to journey home every day. There are also several children who are living in the school as they have no homes to go to and no known relations or guardians to care for them.

Our assistance for this school is ongoing, providing, amongst many other items, bedding, bunk beds, teaching aids, art equipment, solar lights, a first aid kit, a trained physiotherapist who is a staff member, special equipment that will help the individual needs of each disabled child, as well as the establishment of the BK. We have many wonderful sponsors for the children, who take a great interest in their progress through the school.

We have also refurbished village houses, donated mattresses and mosquito nets to the village children and each year we present the grannies and widows with food at Christmas.

We link schools, churches and other groups in the UK with individual children and schools in Kenya, encouraging them to write to the orphans, who love to write back, in English, to their UK friends. 

However, not one penny raised goes on administration. All donations are sent direct to their target, with no deductions, as all administration costs are borne by our volunteers in Britain and Kenya, as well as by the very generous Gift Aid funds that we receive annually.

Browse through our website to see what work we have been doing in Kenya, as well as how much there is still left to do.  Have a look at our page DIRECT LINK CAN OFFER YOU to see how incredibly rewarding it is to help the orphaned children. 

CHECK OUT OUR FUND RAISING PROGRAMME IN AID OF THE PRIMARY SCHOOL FOR THE DISABLED. Ever since its inception, we have raised enough money to pay for the Boarders' Kitchen to remain open during term time. We are now fund raising to keep this essential kitchen open throughout 2018 and beyond, as well as for many other urgent projects such as clothing, sanitary towels, bedding, bunks, art equipment, mosquito nets, first aid boxes and sponsorship for the many children who arrive seeking help with no possessions apart from the clothes they are wearing. .

                                   "Can we be free when we are poor?"